The amount of termination you must give to end your lease depends on the type of lease you have. You can send your letter by e-mail if your rental agreement provides for it. You can usually terminate at any time, unless you have an interruption clause or a lease that says something else. You do not have to declare a specific notice period (unless your rental agreement says otherwise). Does anyone know if a lease signed between my tenant and a broker is valid – although I no longer pay or use the real estate agent to manage the property? My tenant repeatedly claimed that it was legally binding and not legally binding – he also refused to sign a new agreement that I sent him twice. In fact, before February 1997, a Tenancy Assured Shorthold could not be less than 6 months. But that changed after February 1997; now it can be as short as a day. So no, the fixed dates of a rental agreement must not be at least 6 months. Hello, I have a few questions.

We have always been on 6 month agreements with our owners, (they are amazing owners!) due to unforeseen circumstances they need to recover their property, which is correct on our part, since we understand their situation, my question is that they gave us a two-month lease, which we all signed with our two-month termination letter. They gave us the agreement that we were insured for the duration of the termination. Since then, the city council has told us that they cannot do this and that each lease must be at least 6 months. We told our landlord what we were told, and now she is worried that she will no longer have a place to live in two months. Could someone explain to me what is true and what is wrong, because I have read a lot in recent days and one article seems to contradict the other, so I am a little confused. We have an AST, so I`m right and I think our owners are well within their right to take back their property, because they gave us our two-month notice and have enough reasons to resign to resign? If you`ve decided to move, your landlord will likely want to get the property back on the market fairly quickly. Many rental agreements contain a clause that allows the landlord or broker to show potential tenants around the property as soon as it is on the market. However, there is nothing to worry about periodic rentals and there are times when it is a good idea to “run” a rental agreement as periodical I hope this article has helped you understand the problems and how the rules work.

So, what happens if a tenant stays in a common law lease at the end of the temporary life? Section 5 does not apply as it is not an ASA. As a general rule, however, the law involves a periodic lease in which the tenant pays and the lessor accepts the rent. The lease must be signed by all tenants and your landlord. If there are common tenants, each tenant should receive a copy of the agreement. Your agreement might say you have a certain type of rental – but the type of lease you actually have might be different. But I`m confused. If you are happy to end the agreement, what is important? The rental agreement ends automatically as soon as you leave the keys and return them. A reciprocal agreement to terminate the lease may be entered into at any time. I do not know why the Council should be involved. If your lease is a joint lease, it may be more difficult to stay in the property if the other tenants wish to move. Your landlord may be happy to stay if you find other tenants who take care of the rest of the property.. .