The university requires graduate students to attribute their intellectual property to the university to which they participate in a sponsored project. Nothing in this agreement prevents your right to have your final thesis reviewed (provided that appropriate arrangements are made when using confidential information). The University of South Australia offers orientation to new research students. Orientation is mandatory and is transmitted virtually via Orientation Online. Access the module with your HDROrientation2020 student ID and registration key. Questions can be asked of International students with school-age children: Some types of scholarships/sponsorship exempt you from paying tuition and management fees for your children`s public tuition. For more information, visit the South African Government-supported Fellows` Schoolchildren`s website. Research students can start at different times during the year. Below is a guide to what`s available in several months to make it easier for you to access. If a student`s course or dissertation contains or describes the IP (including copyright in project data) that has been lawfully transferred by the student to the university, such intellectual property (including copyright in project data) remains the property of the university, notwithstanding that the student owns the remaining copyright in such courses or graduation work.

The checklist contains a list of the main measures for international students. The Intellectual Property Directive: Ownership and administration apply to staff and student property. This Directive defines the way in which intellectual property is determined and contains specific agreements for intellectual property drawn up by research students. Generally speaking, the university does not claim copyright in a student`s courses, such as.B. students` tasks and assignments. If the course relates to a sponsored project, the university is entitled to an exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, free, free, free, worldwide license to exploit the results and copyright of these courses for the purposes of the university, including commercialization and filing of patent applications. Sponsored project means a project involving a student in which: an agreement to participate in student projects contains clauses obliging you to keep such information confidential. Otherwise, the university or external organization may ask you to enter into a separate confidentiality agreement….