OpenAIRE can offer applications as a service (for example.B. aggregators and brokers), while external organizations operate/manage instances of OpenAIRE services hosted by the OpenAIRE infrastructure. Once made available, these instances offer optimal uptime, which is monitored in the OpenAIRE infrastructure monitoring system. The OpenAIRE APIs provide access to an interconnected metadata diagram and a PDF corpus of articles. While metadata files are accessible in CC-BY, access to PDFs can only be done on request and is subject to restrictions due to content providers. When users create technologies that work with OpenAIRE API services, they must comply with the current technical documentation that applies to the OpenAIRE services used, which are run under API services in production on a best effort basis, which aims at 24/7 in the OpenAIRE infrastructure spaces that are used in the data centers of the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Ordinate-Assisted Modeling. ur (ICM) – Re Training centers are available at CIM. Poland. When describing OpenAIRE Infrastructure Service Agreements (SLAs), we refer to the availability, service capacity, performance, operation, or other attributes of the infrastructure. In the event of hardware or software errors caused by failures of a hard drive or power supply, the OpenAIRE infrastructure will endeavor to recover the user`s data….