Now back to my original question: “Should you sign the contract before or after my lawyer has had the opportunity to check and comment on our real estate contract?” Your real estate agent will push you to sign it first, which is correct and understandable. He or she wants to take the property off the market, and you should. I strongly recommend not to wait until the contract is fully signed before benefiting from the services of a lawyer. And, don`t sign on a Thursday! If you can postpone until Friday after midnight, your lawyer has until Wednesday to make changes. And as I said, I would like to get my recommended amendments before the end of the lawyers` review period and sign them by all. In this way, I do not have to reject the agreement, we remain under contract and everyone is happy. The heart of the Attorney Review Clause is this: You don`t need to have the contract checked by a lawyer, but it`s probably the biggest financial transaction you`ll be involved in in your entire life, so we recommend getting them checked by an experienced real estate lawyer. If you decide not to do so, it`s up to you, but you have three business days to have it checked. After that, you won`t be able to make any more changes.

[This provision should be added to any agreement instead of the typical unilateral limitation of our reference to the sponsor.] Subject to the provisions of section ___ the university has the right to disclose, at its discretion, information or to publish documents resulting from the research. The University will provide the Sponsor thirty (30) days prior to the proposed publication date with a draft copy of each publication proposed on the Website. The Promoter agrees to limit the dissemination and use of this material to internal distributions within the Sponsor and agrees that such distribution shall take place exclusively for the purpose of verification and commentation, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the University. The Sponsor may request the University to postpone the publication of such proposed publication for a maximum of thirty (30) additional days in order to protect the potential patentability of the inventions described therein. However, this delay must not be imposed when submitting or publishing a student`s work or thesis. The university gives the sponsor the opportunity to be recognized in such a publication for its promotion of research….