It takes an average of two weeks to process all applications submitted to the Business Office. The organization requesting the use of the facility has access to the facility only after approval of the facility use agreement and only has access to the facility for the date specified in the agreement. Please indicate all necessary devices and if a specific device is required. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at 522-6042. All media technical devices should be coordinated by the media specialist at 522-6392. To check the school district`s policy regarding school rentals, school rental fees and insurance requirements, please see the following links. As a precondition for the use of the facility, the tenant obtains comprehensive general liability insurance (GLC) and cites Bozeman School District No.7 as a supplemental or insured insured with the same coverage and coverage limits as “designated policyholders.” The CGL Directive provides limits on personal and personal injury coverage of as much as $1 million and a coverage limit for property damage of as much as $500,000. The CGL Directive must contain the validity dates for the period that the tenant has instructed to use the facility. At least 48 hours before the tenant begins the use of the facility, he must provide written proof of his receipt of the CGL directive prescribed by this provision, including confirmation from the insurance company that if the CGL directive is terminated for any reason before the validity dates mentioned in the directive, it will immediately notify in writing the cancellation of the Bozeman School District No.7. The stage technician and supervisor must be on duty at all times while using the Willson Auditorium. The use of the stage and its equipment is a technical process and the operation of the equipment can only be carried out by the level technician.

A custodian must be on duty at all times when all other facilities are in service. The use of school kitchens involves the presence of the cafeteria manager or designated employee. The tenant is responsible for repairing and/or replacing school equipment or damage that goes beyond reasonable or normal expectations. The school district is not responsible for accidents and/or injuries suffered by people that occur during the rental of schools in or in schools. The school district assumes no responsibility for property damage. Permission to use school facilities is not considered to be the approval or approval of the group or the organization of activities, or for the purposes it represents. All uses are made by written contract. Each ad or announcement from the user must contain the following statement: “This program is sponsored by (user name). The use of school district schools is not support or support from Bozeman Public Schools.

In a print advertisement or ad, non-responsibility must be the same size as the font used to advertise the program`s location.