These should be completed within the last 6 months with similar features and locations, ideally in the same zip code. The following information should be provided for each similar item: Once you have reached your agreement in principle, you can meet with one of our mortgage advisors in a branch or speak by phone to a member of our mortgage team. Ask for a reminder to fix this. There are three options for buyers who want a fixed rate mortgage: Buy to let mortgages for tenants who are related to the customer are unacceptable and are refused. We define a related person as: It could be decided that you cannot afford the mortgage and that the offer is withdrawn. At least one applicant must be a homeowner at the time of completion (with or without a mortgage). Post Office is one of the smallest mortgage lenders on the market. However, mortgages are a large part of their business. With mortgage sales of $279 million in 2015, mortgages accounted for almost one-third of this year`s total sales.

At the post office, we understand that the situation is different for everyone. That`s why we`ve partnered with Bank of Ireland UK to offer a new range of mortgages that could work for you. If the applicant is applying for an interest rate mortgage, you must submit a “Repaying your interest only mortgage” form and the corresponding supporting documents. We only accept the sale of this mortgaged property as a refund strategy. This is verified by a deputy president to ensure that it is credible. The completion of our mortgage must not take place before the purchase of the new residence. Modern after 1970 (after 1950 in Scotland) the wood frames of the factory are generally acceptable, provided that the properties have a conventional exterior brick, work block or stone rebuilt. These types are generally acceptable, provided the party walls are conventionally constructed. This type of construction associated with a flat roof is generally not acceptable unless the appraiser can confirm that there is an established demand for these properties and that they are generally mortgaged. Any mortgage (except an official mortgage) must be included in our accessibility calculator.

To do this, calculate the interest charges for the uncouted balance at a nominal rate of 7.74% and enter the monthly equivalent fee into the monthly spending field of our accessibility calculator. For all properties built after 2000, it is considered incriminating rental conditions if one of the following conditions is identified: Scotland: Remortgages are only taken into account if the tenant was not established in the property five years before the date of our offer.