Digital transformation is real and everywhere, which has an impact on our customers and partner companies. To help customers and partners accelerate digital transformation and facilitate the experience in buying and selling Microsoft cloud services, we are introducing a new Microsoft customer convention into the CSP program. Partners can find out if a customer has already accepted the universal MCA through another channel. These customers can now skip resignation and partners can implement solutions faster. For customers who are currently purchasing Azure through their Enterprise Agreement Server – Cloud, check out the Microsoft Customer Agreement Switch FAQ. Customers save time with a single optimized agreement. Conditions are dynamically updated and never stop. Contractual terms follow the customer so that he can buy through the channel without having to re-sign the same conditions. In addition, customers who purchase Azure through the Enterprise Agreement and the registration of the server and cloud to a Microsoft representative (with or without partner participation) in the following countries/regions are also covered by Microsoft`s customer agreement: As you may have heard, Microsoft is moving to a new transaction platform for the purchase of Azure. The goal of this evolution is to optimize the Azure experience as a customer, while improving the needs of organizations through greater transparency and faster access to the latest Azure features. As mentioned above, the new Microsoft Cloud agreement replaces existing agreements for CSP relationships, but this should not be done immediately for existing customers. The ability for partners to select “Customer has accepted the latest Microsoft Cloud agreement” will be deactivated on January 31, 2020.

A flexible agreement with modular terms for geographic and segmental terms replaces different agreements for different types of offers and programs. The agreement follows the customer instead of being limited to a specific buying chain. “We hope this will make it easier for microsoft to do business for both our partners and our customers,” Schuster said.